Pet health insurance

Pet health insurance works in a similar manner to human health insurance policies, in that they both include annual premiums, deductibles, co-pays and caps.

Health insurance is available for all types of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, exotic birds, reptiles, potbelly pigs and various rodents.

Cost of coverage is based typically on the animal’s age, health profile and the level of care you choose. Generally, older animals cost more to cover—and some companies have age limits. Also there may be exclusions for pre-existing conditions, and some insurers may not cover certain breeds that are prone to hereditary conditions (e.g. hip dysplasia).

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Digestive enzymes are produced by the pancreas to normalize proper digestion of nutrients for you and your pet.

Many times these enzymes are not present due to a genetic defect occurring at birth or due to illness of the pancreas that reduces the production of a digestive enzyme called trypsin. This deficiency is mainly seen in dogs.

This will lead to malabsorption of nutrients and can lead to multiple problems caused by a lack of regulatory hormones from the endocrine glands that lead to a deregulated immune system.

How can you tell if this enzyme deficiency is occurring in your dog?

Did you ever wonder why your pet will eat its own stool or the stool of others?

The answer is fairly simple. If there is not enough digestive enzymes being produced by the pancreas, the normal amount of ingested food is not going to be completely broken down, allowing undigested food to end up in the stool. The dog will realize that there is food in the stool, and eat it. If the dog eats their own stool, they have the digestive enzyme deficiency. If the dog eats another animals stool, that animal has the digestive enzyme deficiency.

Most dogs will eat cat feces, not necessarily because the cats may have a digestive enzyme deficiency but rather from the fact, that the protein content is too high in cat foods, and the cats cannot digest some of the high protein, which will end up in their stool. This is why dogs enjoy eating cat stool.

Remember, if your dog has food sensitivities, and eats cat stool, the undigested food may be allergenic for your dog. It obviously is a very unpleasant “pastime” but could be very detrimental to a food sensitive dog. It also makes some of us wonder, if we eat too much at meal time, or feed our pet too much at meal time, will the normal amount of digestive enzyme be superseded by the quantity of food ingested?

The high protein content of cat food in the stool will cause the dogs to ingest almost any cat stool.

Over the years, the usual recommendations included food additives that become bitter in the stool, or to actually add horrible condiments on to the stool while it is lies on the ground.

It would be much better to add a plant based, digestive enzyme to each meal, to help with total breakdown and absorption of the nutrients.

If you have more than one dog, by adding vegetable dye to the food, and feeding separately, you will be able to determine who is doing what!

There are definitely other signs of an enzyme deficiency. Some of these signs are reduced growth. Often you may see an animal that has bowed wrists and is cow hocked, due to the lack of digestive enzymes, which allows for a “sludging affect” to occur with the fatty acids. This “sludging affect”, not only ties up the fat soluble vitamins, but also stops calcium absorption. This lack of calcium uptake, may lead to slack ligamentation and the clinical signs you are seeing.

Weight loss or lack of weight gain, plus voluminous stools, are further indications of this deficiency. For more information on this problem, you may want to check the Published Works page or consult with me.

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